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We are, short term bullish for the next five or four days, as the S and P bounces off of its moving average. If it does not bounce off its moving average, there is reason to add to our position as it hits the green trendline below, a treanline that has been relevant during the last decade. If it hits that trendline, there is reason for the stocks to go up even more, in which case we will place a levereged position in the money calls when it hits that point.

there is reason to be cautious during the fifth wave of elliot – we typically take advantage of the fourth wave by buying at its bottom, and selling when it just goes a little bit above the top of the third wave.

From that point, it is reasonable to use cycles to determine when the long-term top is.

From my interviews with famed investor Noah Blackstein, he said that there would be very little reason for the stocks to go down, simply because they were all priced in at May.

Focus on good names from that point on, specifically getting into cyclicals. Natural energy, particularly hydrogen, would serve us extremely well going into the next decade. Companies like Feul Cell are still good even after the surge in valuations.

See you next week!


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