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There is certainly still room on the S and P five hundred for bullish rallying. The third waves looks like it has yet to be exhausted, while trading above all of the most important 10, 20, and 50 day moving average, as well as the support like that has served us well well over the last twenty years.

At this point, we recmmend shifting into high-quality names in cyclicals, as the COVID vaccine gets us all back into normal life. These look like cruise companies(the ones that survived the pandemic without a major bailout) that are high quality, restuarant brands that are reliable and doing well in the COVId pandemic, since delivery will be the drend form now on, as well as hotel brands such as hilton. Look to Bill Ackman’s portfolio for some value in these cyclical sectors.

Now, we still strongly recommend looking into some growth stocks. Although growth is hard to find nowadays, companies that are doing well in the pandemic are also stocks that we recommend. Companies that benefit off of digitalization of everything, including the workforce. these include brands like pagerduty, which is set off for major growth in the coming years.

Look strongly at the debts of companies coming out of the pandemic, this will be an extrmeley important indicator of the company’s quality of cash flow, and such. the ones that hae very little debt coming out of the pandemic will start doing very well in the future.

Still same strategy, covered calls, about 1 or 2 percent of portfolio in VIX, hedge with treasuries, hedge inflation with crypto(be careful)_ or gold, and especially silver.

Here is some intramarket analysis, see you next week!


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